You know, when you finish a challenge, that’s when you’re supposed to start another one, right?

Even when you’ve got another five active challenges that you’d really love to finish sometime in the next century.

But that’s not what’s important here; the important thing is that I’ve been wanting to play some sort of Gothic-y, spooky challenge using elements from the supernatural EP, and then along came Livvielove and itsjulie and handed me one on a silver platter, complete with a shiny medal if I finish it! And who can resist a shiny medal? Certainly not I!

Actual picture of me;

But my medal fascinations aside, meet Morrigan Night, the founder of our DyNasty!

I know, she’s not ugly. Well, all I have to say to that is I tried. I tried and clearly, I failed miserably. But I knew that if I had a truly ugly sim, I’d end up hating her and then the whole challenge would be over before it even started. So hey, I did what was best for the challenge!

She had the traits Supernatural Fan, Dramatic, Brooding, Grumpy, and Mean Spirited. They all come from the Best, Baddest traits section, so she gives me +25 points straight away. Which is nice, given that she’s not hideously ugly. She also has the Alchemy Artisan LTW, which is my first attempt at comleting the Supernatural Wishes mini challenges.

Obviously, I won’t be selecting the Heir/Heiress via Heir Poll; whoever has the highest trait value is selected automatically.

And this is Morrigan’s cat, Zelda Night. She’s a Proud, Independent Hunter.



  • Monstrous Children
  • Scaredy Cats
  • Gnome Invasion
  • Special Spouse
  • Beware of the Family
  • Dark Days +50
  • Supernatural Dynasty (possibly)
  • Ghost Hunter
  • Loving the Reaper
  • Supernatural Wishes
  • Skull Collector +50 (+ 5×2)
  • Human Extinction (maybe)
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